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Shanghai and around the Yangze delta / 7 days



Daily schedule

1 Visit the Bund and Nanjing road, afternoon go by high speed Maglev train, visit Shanghai Museum. In the evening up Jinmao Tower for sky line of Shanghai by night. Overnight in Shanghai

2 Visit the Yuyuan Garden and bazaar, Jade Buddha Temple. In the evening amazing acrobatics show in Era theater. Overnight in Shanghai

3 Cruise on Huangpu river, train to Hangzhou. Overnight in Hangzhou

4 See Linyin Buddhist temple and Longjin tea plantation. In the afternoon boat trip on beautiful West lake. Overnight in Hangzhou

5 To Suzhou via Yangze delta water town Xitang. Overnight in Suzhou

6 Visit the most beautiful garden of Suzhou and stroll through the old town. Overnight in Suzhou

7 Back to Shanghai via Tongli ancient water town 




Day 1: In the morning visit the Bund boulevard with its lovely European style buildings. After that we take a walk on the Nanjing Road, one of the most famous shopping streets in the world with local as well as international shops. In the afternoon we take a return trip with the Magnetic Levitation train, better known as the Maglev train. This train can reach speeds up to 430 km per hour. After that, we will visit the Shanghai museum, the biggest, and perhaps the best, museum in China. In the evening you will go by elevator up the Jinmao tower, one of the highest towers in Shanghai. From there you will have an unforgettable view of the skyline of Shanghai by night.

Day 2: Visit the Yuyuan Garden and the old city center of Shanghai. This 5 acre garden is famous for its traditional Chinese design and its sense of harmony. Our next stop is the bustling bazaar. In the afternoon we visit the Jade Buddha temple, with an incredible Jade statue of a serene and peaceful Buddha. After dinner we go to the most amazing acrobatics show you will ever see in your life: the Era acrobatics!

Day 3: In the morning we take a cruise on the Huangpu river to see Shanghai’s spectacular skyline. A sight you will never forget! In the afternoon we take a soft seat train from Shanghai to Hangzhou (about 3 hours). Hangzhou was described by Marco Polo as "the most beautiful city on earth".

Day 4: Visit the Linyin Buddhist temple and continue to the tea plantation where the famous Longjing tea is grown. In the afternoon we go to the wonderful West lake and we take a boat trip on the lake.

Day 5: Drive by private car and guide from Hangzhou to Suzhou. On the way we stop in the beautiful water village of Xitang, where time has stood still.

Day 6: Suzhou is the most famous city in China for its traditional gardens so we make an excursion to the most beautiful garden of Suzhou: The Garden of the Humble Administrator. After that we stroll around the old town with its beautiful old houses and narrow alleys.

Day 7: Drive by private car and guide from Suzhou back to Shanghai. On the way we stop at the amazingly beautiful town of Tongli where your guide will show you the old streets and sights. We continue to Shanghai, where the trip ends.


We also offer guided walking tours through Shanghai. Enjoy the old neighbourhoods and hear interesting tales from its residents to get a feel of the real Shanghai. Experience Shanghai in all its former glory and in all its new development.









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