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Tibetan Kham



The Kham area comprises of a total of 50 counties, which have been divided into the provinces of Sichuan (16 counties), Yunnan (3 counties), and Qinghai (6 counties) as well as the eastern portion of the Tibet Autonomous Region (25 counties). Linguists and anthropologists refer to Kham as the 'Ethnic Corridor of Southwest China', as its vast and sparsely populated territories are inhabited by over 14 culturally and linguistically distinct ethnic groups. There are significant differences in traditions and beliefs--even physical appearance--between the peoples of Kham and other Tibetans. Kham has a rugged terrain characterized by mountain ridges and gorges running from northwest to southeast. Numerous rivers, including the Mekong, Yangtze, Yalong Jiang, and the Salwee flow through Kham.


The people of Kham very strong and proud!



Our Kham (Sichuan province) tours:


Kham tour 1: National Parks of Sichuan with a Tibetan touch  / 10 days
Chengdu-Mt Qingcheng-Mt Siguniang-Danba-Tagong-Kangding-Emeishan-Leshan


Kham tour 2: West Sichuan Tibetan style / 17 days
Chengdu-Barkam-Mt Siguniang-Tagong-Ganzi-Dege-Baiyu-Litang-Kangding-Hailuogou glacier-Chengdu


Kham tour 3: Kham in a week / 8 days


Tibetan tents & door curtains




Our tours as written on this website are merely examples. Please let us know if you wish to change one of our tours to your own requirements of if you have your own itinerary you wish to follow. 

























Danba lady with child
Hailuoguo Glacier
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