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The Buddhist trail around Chengdu / 4 days




Daily schedule

1 In the morning to panda breeding center, afternoon to Wenshu temple and Kuang and Zhai ancient streets. Overnight in Chengdu

2 Chengdu to Emeishan holy mountain. Visit Baoguo temple and the Wannian temple, where we spend the night. Overnight at a temple on Emei mountain

3 To the top of Emeishan, Golden Summit. Stunning views. Overnight in Emei town

4 Via Leshan, the biggest sitting stone Buddha in the world back to Chengdu 



Day 1: We start the day by going to one of China’s most famous attractions: the Panda bear. We go to the panda breeding center just outside the city to enjoy the panda’s playing and we can see how they are fed. After that we go to the Wenshu temple and we end the afternoon by walking around in the Zhai and Kuang old streets.

Day 2: We drive from Chengdu to Emeishan Mountain (also named as Mt. Emei) for sightseeing. This mountain is a holy mountain, ruled by Samanthabadra. We start visiting the mountain with a look at the Baoguo temple at the bottom of the mountain. In this actively used temple we can see many pilgrims offering incense and fruit to the Buddha. After the Baoguo temple we go up by park bus to the Wannian temple where we spend the night. This temple is the oldest temple on the mountain. There are many monkeys in this area, and it is a good place for hiking.

Day 3: Emeishan sightseeing: we take the park bus up to the Golden Summit bus station. This area at an altitude of more than 3000 meters is an alpine region with beautiful vistas and a special glowing feeling in the air. We then take the cable car up to the Jinding temple. The golden statue of Samathabadra on his elephant greets us from afar. We can go inside the stupa and the temple. The natural scenery is breath taking, it is amazing to be above the clouds! After thoroughly enjoying the Golden Summit, we go down by cable car and bus back to Emei town.

Day 4: 30 kilometers drive to Leshan, the biggest sitting stone Buddha in the world. This Maitreya Buddha is 71 meters high, carved out of a cliff face along the river. We first admire the Buddha from the river by boat. We then go up the mountain to see the Buddha from close by. We also visit the temple on top of the mountain, dedicated to monk Haitong who led the construction of the Buddha in 713 AD. The aim of the construction was that the Buddha would calm the rivers that disturbed the ships. When funding for the project was threatened, he is said to have gouged out his own eyes to show his piety and sincerity. Construction was completed by his disciples ninety years later and it deed indeed calm the waters. We then drive back to Chengdu.














Temple on Emeishan mountain
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