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Daytrips in and around Langmusi


Langmusi is  a small town surrounded by mountains. The people of Langmusi are mostly Tibetans, wearing colorful clothes and jewellery.



Tour 1


Half -day tour during which you visit the sky burial site and the Thaksen Lhamo temple. A sky burial is a traditional Tibetan funeral practice, where vultures are expected to eat the remains. This way, life is given back to nature. Tourists are allowed to visit the site (not allowed to visit when there is an actual sky burial going on) and are expected to behave respectfully. The tour around the temple is very interesting since the temple is beautiful and the monks are very devote. Many times you will have the opportunity to see chanting and debating sessions. Our guide has a lot of knowledge of Buddhism, so you can get more in-depth knowledge of temple life and the Tibetan Buddhist way of life. You will also visit a monk's house to see how they live and study.  

Time: from 08.00 till about 11.00.

Included: entrance fee to the temple, English speaking guide.  










Tour 2


Half day tour during which you will pay a visit to the temple on Sichuan province side. Behind this temple there are beautiful grottoes. After the temple visit, you will go hiking in a gorge. The scenery is absolutely stunning and gorgeous. You do have to cross a stream several times so it does involve a bit of a climb. There are some caves you can climb into, like the Fairy cave and the Tiger cave. You can also see the source of the White Dragon River. Usually you will be able to see many eagles and vultures soaring above your head.

Time: up to you, half day tour

Included: entrance fee to the temple and gorge, English speaking guide.  










Tour 3


On this hiking trip, your hiking guide will show you the countryside around Langmusi. You will walk through the hills and you can take a relatively easy walk in the hills or opt for a more strenuous hike up and down steeper slopes. For the full day hiking trip, you can hike up to mountains of 4500 meters high, where you will have a fantastic view of the whole Langmusi area. You can take your own pick nick lunch and have lunch on the top of the mountain.

Time: half day hiking trip or full day hiking trip.

Included: English speaking hiking guide.    










Thaksen Lhamo monastery Langmusi
Gorge in Langmusi
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