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Tibetan Amdo


Amdo is one of the three traditional provinces of Tibet, the other two being Ü-Tsang and Kham. Amdo encompasses a large area from the Machu River (Yellow River) to the Drichu river (Yangtse). Since the 1950s, Amdo has been divided into Gansu, Sichuan and Qinghai provinces. Today, ethnic Tibetans predominate in the western and southern parts of Amdo, which are now administered as various Tibetan, Tibetan-Qiang, or Mongol-Tibetan autonomous prefectures. Amdo was traditionally a place of great learning and scholarship and contains many great monasteries including Kumbum Jampa Ling (Chinese: Ta'er Si) near Xining, Labrang Tashi Khyil (Chinese: Labuleng Si) in Xiahe, and the Kirti Monasteries of Ngaba and Taktsang Lhamo in Dzoge County (Chinese: Ruanggui /Zoige).


Many people in this area are nomads. The people in this area are very friendly and you will always be welcomed for a visit in a nomad tent!




Our Amdo (Gansu, Sichuan, Qinghai provinces) tours:



Amdo tour 1: Happy Amdo / 4 days



Amdo tour 2: The best Tibetan towns / 6 days



Amdo tour 3: Amdo Overland / 8 days



Amdo tour 4: Amdo Overland with National Parks / 10 days 



Amdo tour 5: Unexplored Amdo / 5 days



Amdo tour 6: Chengdu to Chengdu / 15 days

Chengdu-Maerkang-Siguniang Mountains-Danba-Rangtang-Aba-Maqu-Xiahe-Langmusi-Songpan-Chengdu


Hotelbookings in Xiahe, Langmusi and Songpan


Daytrips in and around Xiahe


Tibetan tents & door curtains


Our tours as written on this website are merely examples. Please let us know if you wish to change one of our tours to your own requirements of if you have your own itinerary you wish to follow. 




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